Thursday, March 19, 2009

Michelle Obama: A Supporter of Community Gardens

Tomorrow, Michelle Obama's White House organic vegetable garden will come into fruition, as she begins to dig into the soil on the White House's South Lawn. A supporter of local produce and community gardens, this project has been on Mrs. Obama's healthy eating agenda since she entered the White House.

In the midst of national economic hardship, Michelle Obama's garden (in which all members of First Family will work on, not excluding the President himself) will symbolize her dedication to the accessibility to fresh, nutritious foods as a right that all citizens are entitled to. Enlisting the help of D.C. public school students to cultivate the White House garden, Mrs. Obama said, “My hope is that through children, they will begin to educate their families and that will, in turn, begin to educate our communities.”

Amazingly, the cost for the materials for the 1,100 square ft garden, including seeds for the 55 varieties of fruits and vegetables that they plan to grow, was reported at just $200.

(via NYT)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

So it begins

Urbs in Horto” (City in a Garden), Motto of the city of Chicago adopted in 1837 and appears on Chicago's Corporate Seal.

The name "Chicago" is the French rendering of the Miami-Illinois name shikaakwa, meaning “wild leek” or the smell of onions. The name initially applied to the river, but later came to denote the site of the city.

Welcome to our farm! It's winter here in Chicago and today gave us a lil reminder of why we put ourselves through this each year (well not me, I just moved here from California, but you get the idea). We are about to begin a transformative journey into the realm of urban gardening and we're excited for you to join us.