Wednesday, October 27, 2010

RT @Thetis Sammons: "To save our U.S. and global economy we must invest more in the tradables sector. Fresh perishable food is not considered tradables and it relies on strong local infrastructure to prosper. But process, extract, preserve and package and voila!!! you have a tradables commodity... people can swap and gamble on. See where this is headed."

Analyses have revealed that between 25% and 60% of the final price of food stocks are transportation costs. For decades the government has only invested in the non-tradable sector concentrated in cities, while the rural sector was only inv...ested in to be export oriented with large scale factory farms growing commodities to be processed and traded upon by Wall Street and the world trading houses.
The expansion of municipal infrastructure in now empty convention centers and unused baseball parks to the exclusion of rural development has left us with a crippled sub performing local economy, with food deserts, continual waste and loss of valuable resources and effort due to dilapidated infrastructure and lack of government and community support.
Small farms and local businesses rely on government spending and locally provided infrastructure and services to make up for the lack of overall investment in their businesses over the last 40 years by the economy at large.
To say we need to again repeat the mistakes that brought us to our knees and shrink government spending at the local level, and rewrite the same old policies to yet again reinvest in the tradables sector is serving the mistakes of the past baked in a pie.
Human beings are designed to eat fresh, naturally grown "perishable" food that is full of live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, saponins, flavonoids, plant esters that can't be made in a lab, and a host of other elements, and believe it or not, coated in healthy residual soil fungi and bacteria.
Chemically adulterating and exponentially changing the world food supply so it can be made into non-perishable, tradeable commodities to create artificial, non-sustainable economies has lead to poorer health, declining mental and moral capacity of the human race, and social, cultural and ethno bankruptcy.

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